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 ===== USB2AX: Firmware ====== ===== USB2AX: Firmware ======
-Here is the latest firmware. Righ click and "Save link as..." ​to download it.+__Do I need to upgrade?__
-[[http://​​usb2ax/​USB2AX_v04_20140118.hex|v04]] - 2014/01/18+If you already have the latest firmware, you don't need to upgrade ​:)
 +USB2AX v3.2a and v3.2b shipped with firmware v04.\\
 +USB2AX v3.1a shipped with firmware v03.\\
-For changes, see the [[​changelog.txt|changelog]].+__Download__ 
 +Here is the latest firmware for the [[USB2AX]]. Righ click and "Save link as..." to download it. 
 +[[http://​​usb2ax/​USB2AX3.1_v05_RC1_20170727.hex|v05 RC1]] - 2017/07/27 - for USB2AX v3.1, v3.2a, v3.2b\\ 
 +For changes, see the [[​changelog.txt|changelog]].
 __Old versions:__ __Old versions:__
-[[|v03]] - 2012/09/14 - initial release+[[|v04]] - 2014/01/18 - for USB2AX v3.1 and v3.2\\ 
 +[[http://​​usb2ax/​USB2AX3.0_v04_20140118.hex|v04]] - 2014/01/18 - for USB2AX v3.0 
 +[[http://​​usb2ax/​USB2AX3.1_v03_20120914.hex|v03]] - 2012/​09/​14 ​- for USB2AX v3.1 - initial release
-Note: these firmwares are for the v3.1 boards. ​Firmwares for earlier versions of the hardware can be built from source or asked for by email at //support {at} xevelabs ​(dot) com// +Note: Firmwares for earlier versions of the hardware can be built [[https://​​Xevel/​usb2ax/​|from source ​(need to change the board type for LUFA in the ASF Wizard)]] ​or asked for by email at <​>.
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